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Why Cambridge Solar?

We are Solar Panel Installers & Renewable Energy Experts in Cambridge, UK

Our Experience

We've been in the industry for 14 years. We live and breath renewable energy. Cambridge Solar has over the past few years growin into one of East Anglias most established and experienced solar panel installers.

Our Technical Expertise

We love the technical details. So you don't have to. We have years of experience designing and installing high quality solar panel systems. Our technical staff are trained to MSc level and regularly attend technical training sessions from our manufacturers to stay up to date with developments.

Our Emphasis on Quality

We are obessive about quality. Why? We want to install systems that perform better and last longer. Quality is key in renewable energy systems. If you don't install quality in the first place you will pay more in the long run with repair, downtime, warranty issues and replacements. We know as we've learned this over the years repairing other peoples systems.

Our Happy Customers

We've been in the industry for 14 years. We live and breath renewable energy. Cambridge Solar has over the past few years growin into one of East Anglias most established and experienced solar panel installers.

Our Warranties

Cambridge Solar offers superior warranties to the majority of our competitors because we are obsessive about sourcing the highest quality components for your system. This includes the ‘little things’ like generation meters, isolators and cable as well as the more important things like the solar panels and inverters.

Our Environmental Commitment

Here at Cambridge Solar we are commited to helping build a low carbon economy. It is part of the company vision and one of the main drivers that motivate us. We could not work in an industry that we did not feel was making a possitive difference to the world and how individuals live their life and how businesses run their organisations. We commited ourselves to renewable energy for the long term back in the late 1990's when a lot of people wern't even aware of renewable energy.

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We are Solar Panel Installers & Renewable Energy Experts in Cambridge, UK.

About Cambridge Solar

Cambridge Solar Ltd are award winning, MCS approved, solar panel installers and renewable energy specialists with more than 14 years experience in the UK renewable energy industry.

We provide professional consultancy, design and installation services for a range of clients including domestic, commercial and community projects.

We are based in Cambridge and focus mostly on solar installation projects in and around Cambridgeshire & East Anglia as well as the East of England. If you are considering a renewable energy or solar panel installation we would love to hear from you today.

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What our customers say

“We would not hesitate to recommend Cambridge Solar to anyone who is considering installing a renewable energy system” Prof. & Mrs. Cole, Cambridge
“Thank you for such an excellent installation of our panels...You have been very respectful of our property and showed great care and attention to detail.” Mr & Mrs Welham, St Neots
“Cambridge Solar are very professional, informative, polite, and hardworking....they deliver exactly what they promise, on time, within budget.” Mr Schwier, Halstead

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Our Process

We try and make the process of investigating and purchasing a renewable energy system as easy as possible for all our clients. 

Solar PV solar panels & renewable energy enquiry process with Cambridge Solar

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About Solar Panels

Although we have expertise in a range of renewable energy technologies including solar thermal and wind, our main focus is on Solar PV Panels (photovoltaics).

Solar PV panels allow property and land owners to generate their own renewable electricity to use themselves and to sell back to the grid. You are rewarded for this by the Government’s feed in tariff which rewards you for all the electricity you generate plus the electricity you sell back to the grid. 

More About Solar PV

About our Solar Panels

There are two types of solar panel; solar thermal panels for producing hot water and solar photovoltaic (PV) panels for producing electricity. Our solar installers and design engineers have expertise in both of these technologies and design and install systems that either produce hot water and benefit from the renewable heat incentive (RHI) or more commonly, produce electricity and benefit from the feed-in tariff.

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About the Feed-in Tariffs

The Feed-in Tariffs (FiTs) or ‘Clean Energy Cashback’ scheme is a Government backed incentive scheme to make electricity producing renewables like solar PV financially attractive for property owners. You can now install solar photovoltaic systems on your home that will deliver you up to a 10% return on investment through the feed-in tariffs. The scheme for renewable heat projects like solar thermal panels is called the renewable heat incentive.

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About our Solar Panel Installations

Each solar panel system we install is a bespoke solution designed specifically by Cambridge Solar engineers, for the property in question. From our long background in the industry we have developed strong links throughout the supply chain ensuring our customers get the best system possible, both in terms of technical performance and value for money. The systems are always installed by Cambridge Solar installers with key staff on-site at all times. We also design and install other types of renewable energy system. You can view a range of our installation on our Case Studies page.

More About our Solar Installations

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