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The workmanship on every solar PV system installed by Cambridge Solar Ltd is independently insured by IWA, the Independent Warranty Association, and the components have manufacturer’s warranties that often exceed 20 years.  Don’t hesitate to contact us if you believe there might be an issue with your system---often we can help you diagnose what’s going on over the phone, especially if you have an online monitoring portal like SolarEdge or Enphase.  In the rare case that something has gone awry, we are available to schedule a maintenance visit.


If your solar panel system was installed by another company, we recommend you contact them first for installation.  We may be available to provide a quote for a repair, but the process will be much more difficult and costly than for systems we install because we do not have access to online diagnostics of your system, we don’t know the particulars of the system design, and we have no insurance on the system.  Thus, some repairs are more feasible than others: an inverter replacement is a relatively straightforward fix, but any work involving scaffolding to access the roof may be expensive and complicated.