Solar Panels

Solar Panels


Cambridge Solar use only the best solar panels that we know are manufactured to the highest quality.

View the solar PV panel list or our full solar PV product page.

Quality Solar Panels

If you want to find out more about the importance of quality in solar PV installations take a look at our Quality Solar PV Installations page.

This is how we make sure we are only using best high quality solar panels:

We look carefully at the:

  1. ...physical build & energy performance of the panel
  2. ...warranties given
  3. ...manufactures financial stability, business model and business interests
  4. ...available independent analysis or reports 
  5. ...product's UK based support
  6. ...price vs quality ratio

For more information on how to differentiate between different panels take a look at our online guide: How do I choose between different solar panels?

Our main solar PV panels


LG Solar

LG Solar, our most popular solar panel, are a leading global manufacturer of high quality solar panels. These robust and well designed panels are excellent value and come with a black frame as standard. Find out more.




Additional Solar PV Panels

These panels are used in specific, bespoke situations where our main brands, LG and are not suitable.

Panasonic / Sanyo

Panasonic are a premium quality, high efficiency panel. Until April 2012 they were branded as Sanyo - the product is identical only the name has changed. They are a high performance panel that is ideal for small roof spaces or non-optimum locations. Find out more.





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