Environmental Policy

Cambridge Solar Environmental Policy

Cambridge Solar is committed to:

  • Increasing the uptake of renewable energy in the UK

  • Minimising energy use wherever possible and using our professional position to promote reduction in energy use

  • Ensuring that wherever possible materials we use can be and are recycled

  • Being a responsible employer

  • Ensuring that all of our business operations comply with or exceed current legislation

  • Minimising the use of new products where unnecessary

  • Minimising the production of waste as far as possible and ensuring that waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way

  • Ensuring that all materials purchased by the company are, as far as possible, environmentally friendly and ethically sourced

  • Continuously improving our environmental performance

We do this by:

  • Using 100% renewable electricity

  • Following a policy of reduce, reuse, recycle

  • Reducing waste as far as possible

  • Reusing products where possible

  • Recycling products when they have reached the end of their useful life

  • Keeping our energy consumption to a minimum

  • Using low energy products

  • Cycling and using public transport where appropriate (and when weather allows!)

  • We don’t run company cars