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Solar PV Installation, Cambridge

The Solar PV Installation

This 1.44 kWp solar photovoltaic (PV) system was installed in Cambridge in June 2010. It is a relatively small system making good use of an awkward area of roof. The use of space was optimised by installing panels ‘landscape’ as opposed to the more usual ‘portrait’ positions as well as stepping the array with the shape of the roof.

Like all solar PV systems the installation allows Prof. & Mrs Cole to sell electricity back to the national grid for a premium rate known as the ‘Feed-in Tariff’.

This tariff is guaranteed for 25 years, is inflation linked and tax free. After around 10 years the system will have paid for itself, after which the income it produces will all be profit.

As well as providing financial income, the system also helps to cut the homes electricity use, reducing the Cole’s carbon dioxide emissions and electricity bills.

Prof & Mrs Cole said of the installation:

“We are extremely happy with the solar PV installation carried out by Cambridge Solar. During the enquiry stage of the installation staff were always very helpful and professional, producing an informative and well presented proposal.

The installation too was carried out in a prompt and professional manor with staff always available to answer any questions we had and explain what was happening.

The installation is now generating a good proportion of our electricity consumption, saving us money on our electricity as well as providing us with an income through the feed-in tariffs.

The whole experience was stress free from our perspective. They came, carried out the installation, and cleared up afterwards all on schedule as promised.

All in all they were efficient, tidy, professional and always kept us up to date with what was going on.

We would not hesitate to recommend Cambridge Solar to anyone who is considering installing a renewable energy system.”

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