PV Installation

PV Installation

Are you looking for a high quality Solar PV installation?

Then look no further. Cambridge Solar in an award winning solar PV installation company based in Cambridge in the East of England.

Cambridge Solar are MCS certified and have been involved in the UK solar PV market for many years. We can take your right from initial enquiry through the system design through to PV installation and after sales support.

Key Benefits of a Solar PV installation

  • Financial returns through the Feed-in Tariffs (FiTs) & Financial Savings through producing your own energy

  • A PV installation will reduce your Carbon Footprint for your property

  • A PV installation has no moving parts, minimum maintenance & long design life

Why use Cambridge Solar for your Solar PV installation?

  • Your local, high quality PV installation company

  • Key staff have been in the industry 10+ years

  • Every PV installation we carry out is designed bespoke for your property

We pride ourselves on our professional approach, our high quality systems and our attention to detail. As a solar PV installation company we survey your property, be it commercial or domestic, discuss what you would like to achieve with the project and design a completely bespoke system. 

We can design a pv installation to match your energy demand, physical constraints (like the size of the available roof), to produce a certain return each year or to suit your budget.

We are solar PV installation company with an emphasis on quality. Our installations are always carried out on-time, to budget and in a tidy and professional manor. To quote a recent client:


“Cambridge Solar were efficient, tidy and professional .... they always kept us

up to date.  We would not hesitate to recommend Cambridge Solar to anyone who is

considering installing a renewable energy system."


If you would like to make an enquiry with high quality solar PV installation company, contact Cambridge Solar today. 


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