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Biomass systems produce heat for buildings by burning some form of wood fuel, for example logs, woodchip or pellets. These systems can often completely replace conventional boilers or stoves running on fossil fuels such as oil or gas.


Benefits of installing a biomass system include:

Support local economy by sourcing fuel locally

Can prevent wood waste from going into landfill

Can integrate well with a solar thermal system

Can produce a significant amount of clean energy


The biomass market in the UK is still relatively undeveloped. It has been proposed that when the RHI is introduced in April 2011 the tariff paid to biomass installations will result in a 12% return on investment for consumers.

In order to install a successful biomass system it is required that you have suitable space and storage facilities to store the wood fuel. It is very important to size this storage volume correctly as wood is not as energy-dense as conventional fuels and so require more room. Another issue is reliability of supply. Some areas of the UK have had trouble sourcing wood fuel over the past few years. Storage needs to be sufficient to store enough fuel between deliveries in the coldest time of the year and to account for any supply problems. The condition of the storage is also crucial in order to remove the risk of damp wood fuel or fire.

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