UK Microgeneration Information Centre

UK Microgeneration Information Centre

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UK Microgeneration Information Centre

Cambridge Solar's UK Microgeneration Information Centre is designed to be the UK's leading information resource on renewable enegry and microgeneration. This area is aimed to offer as much information as possible to our clients on the various aspects of the different technologies as well as surrounding subjects such as support schemes, planning issues and more. The hope is that by providing a complete resource our clients and other interested partys can learn all they need to about renewable energy system. This in turn will help people make informed decisions and make the most out of their renewable energy installations.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: At present the Microgeneration Information Centre is under development but it should be online over the coming weeks.

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  • Renewable Energy and Microgeneration
    • Introduction to Renewable Energy
      • Types of Renewable Energy Resource
      • Types of Renewable Energy Technology
    • Introduction to Micogeneration
      • Urban Microgeneration
      • Rural Microgeneration
  • Technologies
    • Solar PV
      • Introduction to Solar PV
      • The Solar Resource
      • Applications of Solar PV
      • Grid-connect Solar PV
      • Off-grid or Stand-alone Solar PV

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