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Solar Panel Case Study | Solar PV, Cambridge

Solar Panel Case Study, Solar PV - Mr and Mrs Eve, Cambridge

This 2.82 kWp solar PV system was installed in Cambridge in June 2010. It provides Mr & Mrs Eve with a tax free and inflation linked income stream through the Governments ‘Feed-in tariff’ incentive scheme which is guaranteed for the next 25 years.

Mr & Mrs Eve have also reduced their electricity bills considerably as they are using their own solar electricity and not drawing off the grid as much as previously.

The system uses polycrystaline solar panels and an ‘on-roof’ mounting system. The inverter which is used to convert the electricity from the solar panels into electricity suitable for feeding into the grid is mounted in the loft. The generation meter which measures the energy production is in the garage and can be checked easily to see how much solar electricity the system has generated..

Mrs Eve says of the installation:

"As far as I'm concerned and from an aesthetics point of view I'm extremely pleased with our solar panel installation. The panels are very sleek and I am proud to show off what Cambridge Solar has achieved. They were very efficient, no mess, no delay, just what I wanted."

Dr Eve commented:

"I am surprised to see that I'm generating more electricity that I am using! During the install I was also supprised how easily the solar array fitted onto the roof, integrating with out any problems with the existing roof structure. The panels even produce electricity when it's cloudy."

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