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Domestic Renewable Energy Consultancy

Renewable energy advice and consultancy plays a very important part in the service that Cambridge Solar provides to its clients. We always want our clients to install the most suitable technology for them, their property and their situation.

Cambridge Solar offers three main consultancy offerings to our domestic customers:

  1. A Free Basic Consultation - This is often in the form of a telephone meeting, email correspondance or site meeting.

  2. Domestic Renewable Energy Opportunities Report - This is a paid service that includes a complete report, tailored to you property looking at a complete range of renewable energy technologies. There are two types of Domestic Renewable Energy Opportunities Report:

    1. Desktop Report - We write a renewables opportunity report based on a desktop study.

    2. Site Visit Report - We write a renewables opportunity report based on carrying out a site survey.

  3. Bespoke Domestic Consultancy - If you require advice or consultancy that does not fit either of the above options then contact us and we will design your own consultancy package.