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Solar PV Products

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Cambridge Solar's range of solar PV products

Solar Panels
Wind Turbine - Sell electricity bakc to the grid and make money from the feed-in tariffs
Combination of Renewable Energy Technologies - Renewable energy technologies often compement each other
I don't know yet - which renewable energy technology is best for me? We can advise on which microgeneration technology is best for you be it solar PV, solar thermal or wind turbines
Solar PV Systems


Cambridge Solar's range of solar PV products can be split into the following groups:


1. Solar PV Panels - Sometimes known as solar modules, the high quality solar panles in Cambridge Solar's solar panel product range are all MCS approved and chosen very carefully. Brand names include LG, Panasonic, Hyundai and Upsolar.


2. Solar PV Inverters - These are used to convert DC electricity from the solar panels to AC electricity that can be used by standard appliances in the property and fed back into the electricity grid. All of the solar inverters that Cambridge Solar uses are of the highest quality and are complient with all of the relevant UK standards required. Brand names include Enphase, SMA, Fronius and Solar Egde.


3. Solar PV Mounting Systems - These are used to mount the solar panel onto a suitable surface. There is a wide range of mounting systems including 'on-roof', 'in-roof', flat roof, ground mounted, facade and tracking frames. Cambridge Solar works with the German frame specialist 'Mounting Systems GmbH' as well as MHHnovotegra, Renusol and other experienced, quality manufacturers.


4. Solar PV Displays - These are used to display how the system is performing. These often have data logging capabilities meaning that performance can be measured and compared over time.


5. Solar PV Complete Systems - These are complete kits that include all necessary components for installing a solar PV system. These include only MCS approved products and should only be installed by an MCS approved installer like Cambridge Solar.